[Image of a brown-skinned person’s face with short black hair and a golden stud earring in their left ear. They have no eyes, and are wearing a white face mask with a pink letter “Q” on it.]

The ArQuives is looking to document and archive the LGBTQ2+ community’s experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to document this catastrophic event so that future generations can learn about the ways it has impacted our communities.  

We are inviting LGBTQ2+ folks to donate materials for our Queerantine Project. We are currently only accepting digital-born content, such as your personal photos (ie. selfies with masks, zoom images, etc.), journal entries, poetry, short videos, audio files, letters/emails, obituaries, and artwork. We are also accepting screenshots of webpages depicting LGBTQ2+ activities and events related to COVID-19. 

We are especially interested in submissions from the more acutely marginalized groups within the larger LGBTQ2+ community (ie. Black, Indigenous, people of colour, trans, gender non-conforming, disabled folks, folks experiencing poverty, and/or lack of housing). 

The maximum size of an entire submission is 1 GB. Please size your images for this limit before submitting your materials. You may submit a maximum of ten files.  If your submission is larger than 1 GB, please contact us at queerantine@arquives.ca to make alternate arrangements for submission.

We will welcome physical submissions once our office re-opens sometime in the coming months. We will only arrange for drop off of materials when our physical space at 34 Isabella Street is safely open to the public again. If you would like to contribute to this project, please complete the submission form where you are able to directly submit your materials as an attachment. Each donation requires a Deed of Gift, which is included as part of this form. If you have any questions about the submission process, please send an email to queerantine@arquives.ca.