See our policies and standards for providing quality services, promoting equal opportunity and diversity, and selecting and caring for records.

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Acquisition Policy

Every archives or library decides what kinds of material to gather, preserve, and make available. Factors shaping these decisions include the institution’s specific purpose and constituency, the limits of its human, physical and financial resources, and the availability of similar materials held elsewhere by other archives or libraries.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Policy

The ArQuives  is committed to excellence in serving all visitors including people with disabilities

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are at the heart of The ArQuives. The ArQuives is committed to excellent volunteer experience.

Workplace Harassment Policy

The ArQuives recognizes that every person possesses basic human rights including the right to respect, dignity, and protection from all forms of harassment.

Conflict Resolution Policy

This policy will help provide a safe workplace for all volunteers and staff.

Copyright and Takedown Policy

This policy will assist The ArQuives in its efforts to fulfill its mandate, adhere to the Canadian Copyright Act, and engage with the community in a respectful and consenting manner.

Advocacy Policy

This policy will assist The ArQuives regarding the engagement in advocacy activities such as community actions, public policy dialogue, public policy development, and establishing position statements.

COVID-19 Policy

This policy will assist in reducing the presence and severity of COVID-19 cases, and to protect staff, volunteers, and the public who work at and visit The ArQuives.

Monetary Appraisal Policy

The ArQuives Monetary Appraisal Policy describes the process for undertaking monetary appraisals of acquisitions and the issuance of tax receipts for in-kind donations to The ArQuives collection.

Reading Room Rules

The following document outlines the rules for all visitors who are interested in coming to The ArQuives to do research.

Collection Description Policy

This policy details staff and volunteers’ processes when creating and maintaining collection information.

Collection Development Plan 2023-2027

This document details The ArQuives collecting priorities for 2023-2027.

Partnership Policy

This document details The ArQuives policy on Academic, Community, and Corporate Partnerships.