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Phone: 416-777-2755

Street Address

34 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y 1N1

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PO Box 699, STN F
Toronto, ON M4Y 2N6

Accessibility and Visitor Guide

The ArQuives is located at 34 Isabella Street in downtown Toronto.

We are open for Public Service Tuesday through Thursdays from 6:30-9:00pm and Fridays from 1:00-5:00pm.

Parking: There is no dedicated parking for The ArQuives. There are two Green P parking lots within walking distance of the archives. One on Isabella Street and one off of Charles Street. Finding street parking is challenging, if not impossible.

Arriving via Transit

If travelling from the east, west, or north via TTC, the closest stop is Yonge-Bloor Station. Exit the station to the Yonge-Bloor intersection and walk 3 blocks south on Yonge Street to Isabella Street. Turn left or east on Isabella Street and walk to 34 Isabella. The archives is on the north side of the street just beyond the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

If travelling from the south, take the TTC to Wellesley Station, exit the station and walk 3 blocks north on Yonge Street to Isabella Street and turn right or east. The archives is on the north side of the street just beyond the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.

ArQuives Accessibility

  • The ArQuives has an accessibility ramp at the front of the building. There is a doorbell at an accessible height.
  • The narrowest passageway a mobility device will have to fit through in The ArQuives is 72 cm.
  • We have a lift from the first floor to the second floor. There is no lift access to the third floor. The lift is smaller than the average elevator, therefore it is very difficult, and likely not possible to turn a mobility device around while inside the lift. Please be aware you may have to travel backwards into or out of the lift. A volunteer or staff member may accompany you in the lift if you require assistance.
  • There is an accessible, single-user gender neutral washroom on the first floor of the archives with two grab bars. There are no push buttons for doors, with the exception of the lift. An additional single-user gender neutral washroom is available on the second floor. There is one step to get to this washroom .
  • If you are able and prefer to take the stairs in the archives there are 5 stairs to the front door, 16 from the first to second floors and 14 from the second to third floor.
    • Balustrade to wall 30 in or 76 cm
    • Doorway after balustrade 30 in or 76 cm
    • Doorway to elevator 28.5 in or 72 cm
    • Doorway to Reading Room 28.5 in or 72cm
    • Doorway to bathroom 28.5 in or 72 cm
    • Turning space into elevator: Approximately 44 x 44 in or 111.5 x 111.5 cm

  • As The ArQuives is designated a Heritage Home unfortunately, there are limitations to our space and our abilities to change them due to regulations and prohibitive costs. However, we will do our best to make our space user-friendly for you. If you have any questions in advance of your visit please contact
  • If you require the use of ASL interpretation, The ArQuives asks that you notify us in advance of your visit for research, an event, or a presentation. Service Dogs are welcome at The ArQuives.
  • If you are a visitor or accompanying someone who is blind or vision impaired, please let us know in advance so that our tour guide or Public Service volunteer can provide further visual descriptions of the space, artworks, exhibits, or documents we are viewing.
  • All exhibition labels are enlarged and/or can be made available in an enlarged font.
  • If visitors speak a language other than English, please contact us in advance, and we might be able to arrange a tour in this language or a provide a translation, depending on staff and volunteer availability.
  • The ArQuives is a scent-free environment. Please refrain from using any scented perfume/cologne, hairsprays, creams, or soaps etc. if you are going to be visiting our space.