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When the Toronto-based storytelling collective Queers in Your Ears (QIYE) was founded in 1997, telling personal stories about the varied experiences of being LGBTQ2S wasn’t anywhere near as common as it is today. In the 25 years since this innovative group of storytellers first came together, there have been sweeping changes to the landscape of what it means to be queer but QIYE knows how important it is to preserve our experiences – good and bad – and to keep telling our stories.
To mark our 25th anniversary, QIYE is collaborating with the ArQuives to create a virtual exhibition of memorabilia associated with our performance history that will be launched in October 2021 but we hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, June 23rd from 7:30-9:30 pm for the first of a series of concerts that QIYE will be presenting this year.
“Three Old Queers” will showcase the stories of Rico Rodriguez, founder of QIYE, long-time member Jeffrey Canton, and educator and activist Tim McCaskell.
The event is free but registration is required. Register HERE.