Check out one of our newest Digital Exhibitions researched and written by one of our volunteers Beck Schaefer. Beck’s Gender Review exhibit takes an in-depth look at the newsletter of FACT (originally the Foundation for the Advancement of Canadian Transsexuals, later the Federation of American and Canadian Transsexuals) which was founded by Rupert Raj and published from 1978-1985. 

Gender Review provided resources, news, support, advertised FACT businesses, showcased profiles of trans people and professional allies for the trans community. Gender Review was an essential resource before the internet for trans folks, covering topics such as gender-affirming surgeries, medical care, health insurance, legal issues, coming out, trans people in prison, employment, and discrimination.

You can learn more about this important newsletter and read various issues by visiting the digital exhibition here.

You can also check out Rupert Raj’s fonds (F0021) on our Online Collection Portal, as well as his online exhibit for the background work that went into writing and publishing Gender Review.