A Spotlight on the Gala Committee

By Carmen Tang

The ArQuives’ gala is an energizing evening of creative costumes, contemporary cuisine, dancing, and live auction, bringing together LGBTQ2+ community members, politicians, labour advocates, business professionals, artists, and allies, representing various industries, organizations, and companies. The annual gala has been held for 6 years now and each year it requires months of preparation by our dedicated volunteers. Each year the Gala Committee comes together to create a theme, find sponsors, plan the events’ visuals and materials, sell tickets, organize catering and supplies, and put together a magical, fun night!

This year the 2019 Metamorphosis Gala embraces this spirit of transformation, celebrating 40 years of the central role of The ArQuives in the dynamic evolution of LGBTQ2+ culture. Meet some of our volunteers who helped to make this year’s gala beyond successful:

Linda Quattrin (Gala Committee – Writer/Editor):

Linda Quattrin (Gala Committee – Writer/Editor)
Linda Quattrin (Gala Committee – Writer/Editor)

Linda Quattrin is a writer, editor and Vespa enthusiast. She leads the communications team at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine and has a long-standing appreciation for librarians and archivists, having once married one and been best friends for decades with another. With an undergrad in zoology, she has a deep appreciation for the taxonomy and discipline required to bring order to informational chaos. Her first career was as a newspaper reporter in Winnipeg.

“Stories are how we connect with the world. I love the idea of a writer or creator of some kind uncovering those untold stories found deep in The ArQuives. The more creative, curious people who can explore this incredible collection, the richer and stronger our community will be.”

Randal Boutilier (Gala Committee – Graphic Designer):

Randal Boutilier (Gala Committee – Graphic Designer)
Randal Boutilier (Gala Committee – Graphic Designer)

Randal Boutilier is Founder & Principal of 12thirteen (12thirteen.com) – a studio that focuses on effective graphic design solutions for the non-profit and performing arts sectors – with clients that include the Canadian Women’s Foundation and York University. He is also Creative Director at Openly (changeopenly.com), a group of talented people who work together to measure, share knowledge, and amplify social impact. As a board member of the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), he has organized networking events for freelancers and mentorship sessions for students. When a particular cause hits his heart, he loves to volunteer his design skills to help elevate communication materials for events and initiatives. 

“I first learned about The ArQuives through the Flashback Gala, and quickly discovered that the voice of the LGBTQ2+ community is always at the leading edge of positive social change. When the opportunity arose to volunteer on the committee for The Metamorphosis Gala, I leapt at the chance to work with a group of people who were community-engaged and creatively engaging. The design process was a tremendous moment to learn more about the unique collections at The ArQuives and find ways to share my sliver of learnings with a wider audience. I’m hooked – and I want to learn and do more!”